October 26, 2021

How to choose a loan with low interest rate and fast loan?

The problem of buying a house or renting a house, it is a difficult problem. Rent a house, for the business salary of the expenditure management work environment pressure influence less, but also can be at any time and place to remove and change the house and area, the overall development is also more simple and convenient. Buy a house, life proceeds the road to escape the big event, the general revenue capacity of the home to buy a house is equivalent to 低息貸款 be covered, a lifetime and a suite to get along with needless to say, buy a house for the assets of the work life pressure should not be underestimated, so many of our country has to buy a house need to prepare for the basin to put eyes on the student loan.

As a key option to ease the urgency of buying a home, loans are gradually becoming a must for all home buyers to buy a home, so how much do customers know about loans? Here are three types of universal loans for you.

1、Commercial service loans

First of all, commercial bank service business loans are the most frequently touched loan product types for everyone to carry out daily work daily study life, no matter in the loan amount, or down time all a most suitable temporary lenders.

Secondly, the relatively high interest rate is a characteristic of business loans. Although having a loan term of up to 30 years, the monthly interest rate and the continuous calculation of the cost of the loan can bring a lot of pressure to the borrower. After all, most of our actual salaries are fixed, but inevitably there will be some unexpected circumstances when these two hit and the pressure of working to repay the loan will be breathless.

Finally, if there is a default and there is no sign of rotation within six months, the house you bought will be foreclosed by the financial institution, which I believe is the least desirable outcome for you

2. CPF Loan

First and foremost, CPF loans are a tad different from the commercial bank-serviced business loans mentioned above. In the method of loan and loan repayment is much more flexible than commercial credit loans. There are a variety of forms of teaching methods to choose from, and you can offer to choose a suitable loan repayment method based on the student's own specific reality, personalized a lot of our country

The second is the interest rate problem that we are all very importantly concerned about. The CPF loan market interest rate is much lower than commercial bank service business loans, and the total loan company loan interest rate for CPF is also relatively less in the country compared to traditional commercial network loans. But beneficial students will have disadvantages, the provident fund in the loan can apply for the loan customer credit line is relatively small, you if you want to take the opportunity to develop to buy a house, their own for the early deposits need to be slightly higher, and then China is the issuance of loans application for processing time is relatively long, each employee for the relevant procedures to apply for processing up is also more inconvenient, for example, to sign a guarantee construction contract to run the area on many. For want to prevent inconvenience at home, provident fund loans are likely to affect is not such a with very good choice item.

3、Composition loan

Composition loan, refers to the provident fund loan and commercial service loan at the same time the loan method, its characteristic is both the commercial service loan high credit line, but also the provident fund loan low interest rate. Even in the next interest rate, the application of the composition method of the loan will be faster than the simple CPF loan option.

However, this loan method also has some drawbacks. In addition to the need to prepare many supporting documents in advance when applying for a CPF, customers who want to take this opportunity to purchase a second suite will also need to close the CPF loan before they can go through the following home purchase procedures again.

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October 21, 2021

What should I do if my belly is loose after childbirth? Learn this 3 moves, after pregnancy can also have a hot body

The friend Xiao Jing finally finished giving birth to the baby home, childbirth plus postpartum convalescence, Xiao Jing rested almost a year, which makes everyone such good girlfriends of the same company miss very much. When we saw Xiao Jing, we couldn't help but be "shocked" by her, Xiao Jing body type repair is fantastic, really not like having a child! 產後修身 Looking back at the other mothers of the same company, since the postpartum has not crossed the body repair clothes pants, the skin on the abdomen sagging can not! In fact, there is a trick to repair after giving birth, the following side of this good many small way to teach you to succeed in slimming after giving birth.

Persistently do aerobic exercise

Fitness exercise for postpartum body repair is the most beneficial health, especially aerobic exercise, the actual effect is very obvious! Generally speaking, pregnant mothers after the birth of a baby body is still very weak, not suitable for a lot of fitness exercise, aerobic exercise a day 40 minutes enough, do before you can also warm up ten minutes of body. On the Internet can also find a lot of postpartum aerobics video, we can follow according to their own physical condition to pick a suitable do. To pay special attention to the exercise body can not be three days to fish three days to fish, otherwise it is certainly not easy to have which the actual effect. Do that time to pay special attention to grasp a good measure, do not have to twist to contusion, resulting in secondary damage to the body.

Wearing shapewear

The body shaper is not a tight-fitting pants, just after the birth of the girl but can not wear tight-fitting pants. The shapewear can help you to distribute the body fat evenly in each position, reduce the fat lines caused, and also help to repair the back body shape. However, you must be careful when selecting shapewear, taking into account your skin type difficulties and skin allergy difficulties. If you feel that wearing shapewear makes you really uncomfortable, don't force yourself anymore to prevent bad harm to your body, other postpartum repair methods can still help you as well.

Eat less and eat more with nutrition

After the birth of a baby, the beauty of the body is very weak, this time must pay special attention to diet with, overeating and binge drinking on the body is not okay, it is very easy to give the weak body human organs produce pressure, less food and less meals is not okay, that will make the body more weak. Just after the birth of a small baby is best to adhere to the core concept of eating less and more, the nutritional composition of the ingredients also need to be balanced, so that the body can be more energy, the repair of the body shape will be more beneficial.

Many girls after the birth of a newborn are looking forward to their own abdomen can quickly take back, but the propped up skin is not quickly repaired, which requires people to have the patience to persistently repair. We can see that many big-name stars have a very good body shape after giving birth, they can guarantee that we can also guarantee the same! So be a little more attentive to yourself, a little more serious, skilled in the above tips, firmly believe that the hot body will eventually have a goodbye!

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出産後、お腹がたるんできた場合はどうしたらいいですか? この3つの動きを覚えれば、妊娠後もホットなボディを手に入れることができます。

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October 19, 2021

What you should know about accounting management

1. Management of financing activities

The management of financing activities means the management of financial consolidation system the content on the right side of the balance sheet. Under the premise of the planned economy, the company's funds are paid by the higher authorities. In the market economy, the sales market provides the company with many ways to raise funds, such as issuance of shares, issuance of stocks, loans from banks, and leasing. What are the methods of raising funds and what percentage of funds are raised by each method? The management of capital raising is focused on the main sources of capital, the amount needed, the composition of new projects and the management of expenses.

2. Management of investment activities

The management of investment activities means the management of lan cable the left side of the balance sheet. There are many different ways to invest the funds raised by the company, such as investing in new projects, buying and selling stocks on the stock market, equity funds, debt instruments, etc. The management of investment activities is focused on the management of the direction of funds, the scale of operations and the composition.

3. Management of production and management

The management of production and management is the management of the capital in the operation of new investment projects. It includes the management of cash, inventory and accounts receivable.

4.Management of distribution theme activities

The management of distribution activities is the management of the distribution of funds after the company's profitability. It deals with how to allocate among users, which dividends to distribute, and how much to distribute. The decision of distribution is also the decision of investment, because if you distribute more, you will keep less, and if you distribute less, you will keep more, and the funds left behind will be the funds for the next cycle, so in this sense the decision of distribution is also the decision of raising funds, in other words, the decision of distribution is also the decision of raising funds. Therefore, some researchers think that allocation should be classified as fund raising management, and allocation decision should be classified as fund raising decision, and it is also clear that accounting management contains three parts, which is also a certain reason.

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企業の財務会計における7つのポイント! オールラウンドな透明感を集約

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October 15, 2021

The battle between sommeliers and sommeliers

Recently, a famous Sina Weibo post about sommeliers has caused some arguments and discussions between friends about sommeliers and sommeliers. Sina microblogging said: "Sommelier: today's trend is to focus on the seller's end, too much sake hong kong attention to the wine, wine estates, château owners, winemaker's association, red wine planting, sales market visibility and price ...... forget that in fact the sommelier is a waiter, the key is the other end, the service project It is the other end of the spectrum, the goal of the service. A successful sommelier doesn't actually have to know the wine too well, doesn't have to know the winemaker, doesn't have to have been at the Chateau's banquet, doesn't have to have been in the vineyard, the key is to understand dining etiquette and to spread it in many ways."

This statement drew a lot of heated discussion from friends, both pro and con. Some people accuse the definition of confusion and feel that the post refers to a winewaiter, not a sommelier, because the English word for sommelier is actually Sommelier, and some people agree that "a sommelier is just a runner, mixed well at best a duty manager (non-management)". This discussion even went beyond the scope of "sommelier" and pulled the industry of "sommelier" into it. Some people feel that sommeliers are less influential than sommeliers, while others feel that they simply have different responsibilities, and some are even more direct, saying that "a sommelier is a technical person who is at most a senior engineer (not a senior lecturer) when mixed well.

What are the differences between a sommelier and a sommelier? Simply put, a sommelier, the key is "service", that is, service items. The term sommelier, on the other hand, appears in large numbers in China and refers to those who have received training and certification exams from the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Foundation), etc. Overseas, a large number of people are called "wine critics". However, it is important to note that a wine taster is not the same as a wine critic.

The position of sommelier has been in vogue for a long time in high-end restaurants and top clubs overseas, and they hold a high status. A good sommelier must not only have sufficient wine expertise, master a variety of food combinations and standardized wine serving posture, but also need to understand the preparation of the wine list and the management methods of the wine kiln, have a grasp of the hearts of the dining customers, good communication skills, top-notch service attitude and catering management service expertise of the supporting facilities, which are not only a waiter who undertakes wine pouring can These are not just the qualities of a waiter who pours wine. In addition, a good sommelier must be skilled in not only wine, but also cigars, freshly brewed coffee, spirits and cooking, and must have a good aesthetic sense and a keen sense of fashion.


The development period for a qualified sommelier is at least four to five years, and he or she must pass five levels of wine tasting before being certified to deal with customers. At this stage, there are about 300 Master Sommeliers and 200 Master Sommeliers in the world, which shows that it is not easy to be a Sommelier, especially to get the qualification of Master Sommelier. On the other hand, a good sommelier is definitely a high paying job group.

However, in China, the field of sommelier or a popular occupation, and therefore in many Chinese specialty restaurants rarely see through the reliable professional training of sommeliers, most of them lack sufficient wine expertise and professional skills, in the business and marketing level of wine, only stay in a junior aspect.

Back to the sommelier. There is a difference between what is called a sommelier in China and the definition of "wine critic" that is often used overseas. In overseas, the work of a wine taster is mainly the use of sensory tasting techniques, wine quality reviews, etc., must have professional skills and expertise in wine, to give wine service projects and advice, to undertake the wine judgment and tasting professionals.

Wine taster

As often stated above, sommelier is a professional term with "Chinese characteristics". In China, people who study for the WSET and other training and certification exams are basically called sommeliers, but there is also the view that people who take the WSET junior exams are equivalent to elementary school to junior high school, those who take the second level are equivalent to junior high school graduates, and so on, even if they take the fourth level exams, they are only equivalent to a university undergraduate. Imagine how much weight a college undergraduate can have in today's society? What's more, there are very few people in China who can take the exam according to WSET Level 4. First of all, it is related to the natural environment of language expression, because the WSET Level 4 exam is an English test, and many of the technical and professional vocabulary of wine must be kept in mind. Therefore, to become a true wine expert, we must put in more hard work.

So, in short, the two are different in terms of who they serve. Sommeliers serve in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, appreciating quality and specific specifications, while sommeliers serve in the midstream and downstream of the industry chain, i.e. the end devices of the industry chain, and are considered to be the real popularizers of wine culture and art.

In China, most of the sommeliers are the self-proclaimed names of those who have been verified by the training schools, but in fact, they are still far from being "wine critics" in the true sense of the word. "The number of people who have received Level 4 certification in China is very small, and most of them have received only a few certifications in China that are not internationally recognized. Thus, in some ways, Chinese "wine tasters" are not internationally recognized as "wine critics" in the true sense of the word.

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October 11, 2021

Primary one and junior high school is the peak of myopia physicians recommend controlling myopia with these 3 methods

Popular 3c products, preschoolers will also use cell phones, tablets, resulting in children's myopia age is also declining year by year, according to statistics,近視控制 the first grade of elementary school, the first grade of junior high school is the incidence of myopia in children two peaks. Liao Changbin, chief physician of the Eye Center of Taipei Shu Tian Clinic, said that the earlier myopia, the easier it is to grow up and learn to become a highly regarded myopia. High myopia increases the chance of eye disease, and effective prevention and control of myopia is the key to近視控制鏡片 vision health.

Accompany every parent and child to become a better version of themselves.

With the development of technology and the prevalence of 3C products, parents often use cell phones and tablet computers to broadcast videos to their children and other ways of "technology parenting".

However, Dr. Chang-Bin Liao, chief ophthalmologist of Taipei Shu-Tien Clinic, said that myopia is a serious problem and the earlier myopia occurs in children, the more likely they will become highly myopic (myopia greater than 500 degrees) when they grow up.

Myopia is not reversible, Liao Changbin shared. It is currently possible to effectively control and avoid myopia from deepening year to year. These methods include dispensing astigmatism with children's control glasses, using corneal plastic film and wearing peripheral defocus glasses.

Primary one and junior high school are the控制近視 peak of myopia performed by Chinese children

Chang-Bin Liao observed that there are two spikes in the incidence of myopia in Taiwan at the ages of 7 to 8 and 13 to 14 years old, respectively. According to the government's latest national youth vision survey report in 106, the myopia rate of first grade elementary school children is 19.8%, and the myopia rate of first grade national middle school children is even as high as 81.8%. There are many reasons for myopia, the biggest of which is due to human factors such as long-term close eye use. For example, teenagers have heavy schoolwork and need to study for long hours; they let their children use cell phones and tablet computers too often and for long periods of time.

If reading is done for long periods of time plus the multiplying effect of prolonged use of Chinese electronic technology products, myopia is more likely to be able to deteriorate rapidly.

The ciliary muscle around the eye is responsible for regulating the thickness of the lens so that imaging can be focused on the retina, allowing clear images to be seen. If the ciliary muscle is not able to relax and contract for a long time, the lens will be in a thicker state and the image will be focused in front of the retina early, causing myopia.

If this can be corrected with traditional Chinese management glasses, it may develop to cause a corporate peripheral refractive effect where peripheral image studies that are not located right in the center focus on the back of the retina beyond the eye, which can cause people to elongate their eyes and deepen their myopia.

There are three ways to prevent myopia from deepening, the role of lutein is limited

Liao Changbin said that there are three options for companies to control myopia in school children and prevent students from continuing to keep deepening. One is the use of pupil diluent with child control lenses, pupil diluent can relax the ciliary muscle, child control lenses in the lens with different cultural distances such as far, medium and near as well as with different student degrees, can achieve in different social distance can see their own clear image.

The other type is to wear plastic film while sleeping. The plastic film is a rigid multi-radius corneal contact lens that flattens the cornea to control myopia. The wear time should be 6ー8 hours.

Third, wearing peripheral defocusing glasses improves the peripheral refractive effect of traditional glasses by allowing the central and peripheral images to be truly focused on the retina. If a child will be photophobic when ordering astigmatism and is reluctant to undergo shaping of the lens by wearing a cornea, peripheral defocusing glasses companies are also able to effectively manage the control of myopia in students.

Myopia is not caused by one day, and there is no other way to restore original vision after myopia, except for the use of laser.

Liao Changbin still urges parents to control myopia treatment at present, prevention is better than control. A balanced diet is more important for the health of school children, as the effects of excessive intake of antioxidant foods (such as lutein and carrots) are limited.

The main cause of myopia in school children is the prolonged use of eyes at close range, he also suggested that parents delay the age of children's exposure to 3C products, if parents let their children use cell phones, tablet computers, should also pay attention to maintain a moderate distance of more than 30 centimeters, do not let children hold or lie on their own to use.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the time spent with the eyes, the implementation of the principle of 30 minutes rest and 10 minutes look away. If your child is squinting, reading and watching TV closer and closer, you should consult an eye doctor as soon as possible.

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October 06, 2021

Blood pressure is high, how can I control it to meet the standard? Various different situations, each for you to feel clear

There are many different cases of high blood pressure, and what you need to do to achieve the blood pressure standard is different.

Blood pressure is high, it is likely that血壓高怎麼辦 there are cases where the blood pressure exceeds 120/80, but has not yet exceeded the 140/90 confirmed value of hypertension, this type of all normal blood pressure low value of the situation, it is classified as a high blood pressure, but there may be cases where the blood pressure has long exceeded 140/90, for the diagnosis of hypertension, its blood pressure control, regulations and countermeasures will be different again.

In addition, for the control of high blood pressure, we also need to take into account the overall goal of high blood pressure control, different age groups, different blood pressure conditions, the purpose of control to achieve the standard and the way, also different.

The following we will talk about the control of high blood pressure and the difficulty of achieving the standard from 2 levels of blood pressure level and the overall goal of high blood pressure control at different ages.

Blood pressure is high and the level of私家醫院急症 rise is different, so are the ways and means of control

For example, if a young person's blood pressure is around 135/85, does that count as high blood pressure? In fact, if the blood pressure exceeds 130/80, even if it is not diagnosed as high blood pressure, it should be a cause for concern.

For this kind of a situation, there are some long diagnosed hypertension, but blood pressure has not exceeded 160/100, good health, no diabetes patients and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease risk chronic disease of simple first-class hypertension patients, are classified as mild to moderate blood pressure higher situation, for that kind of a situation, we can not rush to eat blood pressure medication, why not first try the method of daily life conditioning intervention to enhance the control of blood pressure.

The daily life conditioning of hypertension we have talked about a lot, here is not an exhaustive overview, limit salt and fat to strengthen exercise, quit smoking and limit alcohol mental state flat, plus do not stay up late, maintain a stable rest time, this field if you can purposeful relief and guarantee, usually for blood pressure control are will have a good actual effect.

If your blood pressure still exceeds the level of 140/90 according to daily life intervention, or is classified as first-degree hypertension, but also diabetic patients and other phenomena of the situation, or is classified as blood pressure exceeds 160/100 second-degree hypertension, for some of this situation, it is proposed to enhance the above daily life intervention at the same time, effective selection of blood pressure lowering drugs to take to control blood pressure, not The actual selection of treatment medication should be made clear by integrating your own situation and seeking medical advice.

The total basic principle is that the blood pressure lowering effect is very good, the blood pressure control is stable, there are no side effects that the body can not bear, and at the same time if you can take into account a certain amount of heart and kidney maintenance effect, that kind of blood pressure lowering drug plan plan, is a good drug plan plan.

The overall goal of blood pressure control is not the same for different age groups

To understand how to control blood pressure to meet the standard, we not only need to grasp the professional knowledge about the daily maintenance of high blood pressure and the safe use of drugs, but also need to grasp how much high blood pressure is controlled to be considered to meet the standard.

Some people say that the blood pressure standard is not to control to 140/90 or less? If you control your blood pressure to below this value, you are not considered to be hypertensive, so you can do it. But in the specific process of blood pressure control of hypertensive patients, age, physical standards, myocardial infarction level and many other areas of difference, for the blood pressure control of the standard category, all need to be considered.

For example, a young person, no cardiovascular disease problems, for the control of hypertension, only control to 140/90 below, is not enough, if possible, should be as far as possible to control the blood pressure value to 130/80 below, if you can steadily control the blood pressure level within this standard category, the physical and mental health of the body will be higher profit.

In the case of an 80-year-old man, for example, who did not have hypertension problems, but now has a low voltage of over 50 and a high voltage of 145, must he take medication to control his blood pressure to 130 or less? Naturally, there is no need to do so, because the old people, because of capillaries and cardiovascular decline, low pressure is low and high pressure is slightly higher, so there is no need to intentionally control the high pressure, while controlling the high pressure, it is difficult to avoid endangering the low voltage value which is already slightly lower, and the health damage to the body is likely to be higher.

To briefly summarize the blood pressure control standards for different age groups -

Patients with hypertension under the age of 65, who will not have low diastolic blood pressure and excessive pulse pressure difference, it is best to control their blood pressure to 130/80 or less as far as possible.

elderly hypertensive patients around 65 years of age, if the capillaries are in good physical and mental health and are not in the case of simple convergent hypertension, it is also proposed to control the blood pressure to 130/80 or less.

Elderly hypertensive patients above 65 years of age with more severe aortic atherosclerosis, simple convergent hypertension or those with a large differential pulse pressure, it is proposed to control the high pressure to 140 or less, and the low voltage need not be less than 60 as far as possible.

For elderly people around 80 years old, it is good to control high blood pressure within 150 if the body can bear it.

The only reasonable way to control high blood pressure is to recognize your own blood pressure control standard, work diligently towards this standard, and intervene in your daily life with strict discipline, and then adjust your high blood pressure with effective blood pressure lowering medication.

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