September 30, 2021

Do not choose overglaze for porcelain tableware-how to choose tableware correctly?

Porcelain tableware: don't choose overglaze

Porcelain tableware has a variety of shapes and designs. It is meticulous and clean, bright in color and easy to clean. It is the first thing to buy tableware in most homes. However, the colorful glaze on the surface of porcelain may become a murderer of 陶瓷杯色彩 physical and mental health. Lead, mercury, radium, cadmium, etc. in colored glaze are basically elements that are harmful to the body.

The practice of porcelain tableware is divided into three types: over-glaze, mid-glaze and over-glaze. On-glaze colored porcelain is made of decal paper with color paste, or immediately painted on the surface of the product with color paste, and then baked at ultra-low temperature, because the baking temperature does not reach the level of melting of the glazed surface, so the flower surface Don't sink into the glaze, touch the on-glaze colored porcelain with your hands, and feel that the flower surface has a significant three-dimensional effect. The firing temperature of the in-glaze colored porcelain will melt the glaze, the color paste can sink into the glaze, and it will be covered by the glaze after cooling. The surface of the product is smooth and there is no obvious three-dimensional feeling to the touch. All the decorations of the on-glaze colored porcelain are carried out on the porcelain blank. After being glazed, it is fired at a high temperature once, and the flower surface is covered by the glazed surface, which looks bright, flat, and sensitive to touch.

The key to hazardous metal materials comes from the color paste on the glaze. The radioactive substance radium has low destructive power of white blood cells. Cadmium, lead and mercury are all heavy metals exceeding the standard. Cadmium and benzene can cause liver or other internal organs to be poisoned. Mercury can cause liver and kidney hardening. When over-glazed tableware is used for a long time to hold foods with high organic content such as vinegar, wine, fruit juice, vegetables and fruits, the heavy metals such as lead in the tableware will always be mixed and pile up with the food. Cause diffuse metal poisoning.

In order to better control costs, some small ceramic manufacturers purchase cheap raw materials with high lead and cadmium content and unstable characteristics. In the production process, the total area of ​​the decoration design is too large, the baking temperature is insufficient, or the staff's processing technology is negligent, etc., which will cause the total amount of lead mixed in the ceramic products to not meet the requirements. Even some individuals, private enterprises, in order to make more profit, randomly reduce the baking time or reduce the baking temperature, and use the old-style baking furnace that completely relies on the experience of the employees, which severely limits the quality of porcelain tableware.

Laminated glass tableware: "crystal products" have many hidden dangers

Laminated glass meal has the characteristics of high strength, stable organic chemical function, smooth and clean surface, and environmental protection. Laminated glass tableware is cleaned daily, free of toxic substances.

Crystal tableware is a highly threatening lead pollutant. Because the lead monoxide content in crystal crafts reaches 20-30%, it will not cause lead poisoning symptoms if it is used to hold water. The longer the amount of melting is greater. Similarly, when crystal utensils are used to contain foods, especially Coca-Cola, pure honey, fruit juice and acidic foods, lead positive ions are also prone to produce soluble lead salts that are ingested by the body with drinks or foods, seriously threatening physical and mental health. Therefore, crystal products are called "beautiful murderers" by biologists.

Imitation porcelain tableware should be cleaned properly

The scientific name of melamine tableware is melamine tableware, which is made of melamine resin powder heated and pressurized to mold. Because of its excellent washing resistance characteristics; the product surface has the characteristics of leveling, non-toxic, odorless, resistant to fall, and automatic elimination of electric guts. In recent years, it has been widely used in tableware, daily daily necessities and other aspects. However, at this stage, the market is flooded with fake and shoddy porcelain tableware, which poses a great safety hazard to the health of customers. At the same time, if the standard imitation porcelain tableware is operated incorrectly, it will also affect our physical and mental health.

Because of the uniqueness of the plastic molecular formula of melamine tableware, for safety reasons, it is not necessary to contain acid-base, oil-soluble chemicals as much as possible. Imitation porcelain tableware should not be used in the oven, nor should it be used under conditions with a large temperature difference, otherwise it will easily lead to cracking. For the cleaning of imitation porcelain tableware, you must use a softer towel. Never use towels such as wiping cloths and washing to clean the surface of the tableware, because the wiping cloth will wipe the surface of the tableware, making it more susceptible to environmental pollution. As far as possible, it is not necessary to put the imitation porcelain tableware in the pot to steam the food. Due to the high temperature, the toxic substances that may be contained in the color table or tableware materials are likely to be precipitated.

Plastic tableware: "colorful" beautiful and unhealthy

In the tableware sales market, plastic products have the advantages of light weight and not easy to break, which are comparable to FRP products. However, the hidden dangers of health and safety of plastic tableware and the problem of safety factor have always been the focus of our attention.

Many plastic tableware have beautiful colors on the surface. If the lead, cadmium and other chemical elements in the pattern design exceed the standard, it will cause harm to the body. There is a protective film on the surface of general plastic products. Once this film is scratched by a hard tool, harmful substances will be released. The surface of fake and inferior plastic tableware is usually uneven, and harmful substances are easily exposed. Therefore, customers should choose plastic tableware that has no patterns, colorless, tasteless, smooth surface and firm touch as much as possible.

Use less non-stick frying ingredients

Non-stick pan products can be divided into cooking pots, frying pans, cooking pots, milk pots, etc. according to their application functions. Before using the non-stick pan for the first time, peel off the label, wash and wipe with tap water, apply a thin layer of food oil for maintenance, and then clean it before use. Use high-temperature-resistant wooden frying spoons when cooking to prevent sharp shovel or metal materials from harming the surface of the non-stick pan. The heat conduction of non-stick kitchen utensils is even, and only need to use moderate to low heat in application, you can cook delicious food. When choosing popular, there must be ingredients or water in the pot. If it is burned in an empty state or the temperature is around 300°C, the coating of the non-stick pan is likely to be damaged and hazardous ingredients will be released. Its reliable application temperature should not exceed 250 ℃, and the frying temperature is generally very high, so it cannot be used for frying ingredients, and at the same time, it cannot be used for cooking acidic fruits. After application, wait for the temperature to drop slightly, and then wash with cold water, not directly with cold water. When it is difficult to remove stains, you can use boiling water and detergent to clean it up with sponge. Do not use rough sandpaper or metal material balls to wipe it with all strength.

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September 27, 2021

How to choose a children's bed? Choose to have focus! These 3 levels should not be ignored

The family has a child's home in the decoration is the 兒童床系列 focus of concern to consider how the layout of the child's room, in fact, talking about children's rooms, a comfortable warm. Safety of the children's bed is the most necessary for children, seriously for the baby to shape a flawless children's bed, so that he has a good natural environment for sleeping.

Therefore, the choice of children's beds is crucial, in the end, how should children's beds be selected? Also have to be based on the actual situation to take into account, the following small secret to talk with the big guys how to choose a children's bed?

1. Based on how many children at home is the decision

If there is only one child at home, why not choose collapsed rice, because collapsed rice than the general bed to be much harder, for children who happen to be in adolescent development, sleep a little harder bed on the human body a little better.

But if there are two children at home, you can choose a bunk bed or two beds against the wall, bunk bed is a good design solution, more useful, and efficient to save indoor space, the use of the term is also very long, even if the home after the customer can also sleep here temporarily, very convenient.

2. Based on the layout of the room decision

The layout and formulation of each room are different, if the room is four-square, choose the traditional type of bunk bed is very suitable, so that the use rate of each corner of the room is very high, is the most common way.

If the room is very long that type of layout, it is proposed to choose the upper and lower high and low beds, so that adults can often accompany children, more critical is the ability to organize the work of such beds is very good. Can store many things, home storage area less can be able to This kind, in addition to this kind of bed material has a lot of variety, but in which the solid wood board is the best is also more expensive, do not have to buy these boards only, poor quality, so that environmental protection is more good, children live also very safe some, do not have to worry about the release of harmful substances, in addition can buy water-based paint can not buy oil-based paint.

3. Based on the height of the area decision

For the room with narrow indoor space, you can choose the role of the bed with a file board, the highest advantage of this kind of bed is not only able to sleep, there is a strong role of storage, its side is containing storage cabinets, can save a lot of indoor space, to ease the pressure of storage and finishing at home; usually some of the children's text books can also be put here, take and put is also more convenient, but it is not recommended to install wooden cabinets on the side of the bed, the first or worry about security risks, the second space is getting more and more narrow, very easy to have a sense of oppression, sleep at night is also uncomfortable.

For the room size all normal but the family has 2 children's home, choose how much or bunk bed again but suitable, that can deal with children's sleep disorder, but also faster use of indoor space, enhance the storage area, such as under the bed and indoor stairs can be turned into a storage cabinet, the application is very strong.

For a sufficiently wide room, you can choose a 1.3m-1.5m bunk bed and design a bookcase at will. Writing desk. Bed cabinet. Closet, etc., a large number of options to create a unique children's space for children.

Children's bed selected well, the development of the natural environment for children is also a lot of advantages, the new house decoration must be carefully considered the choice of children's beds and design solutions, according to the actual situation at home to make decisions.

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子どもが寝るのに適したマットレスはどれか 養子縁組の際の注意点とは

子供用ベッドの選び方は? 子供用の寝具にはコットンの快適さが求められる

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September 20, 2021

Why does hair fall all the time?

1. Symptoms of eating disorders appear.

Many white-collar workers completely forget the nutrition they need for three meals a day or even one day after finishing their work. Reducing food intake by this method will cause a decrease in blood flow to the scalp, which will affect the normal growth of hair, and in severe cases will cause hair to lose luster or even hair loss. Therefore, a balanced diet and more protein intake are the key to preventing hair loss. Hair is composed of protein. When the protein content of the hair follicle is the lowest, it is especially important to consume more protein. Eat more vitamins, zinc and important fatty acids in your diet.

2. Severe anemia.

Lack of vitamin C, intake of caffeine or alcoholic beverages is not good for iron absorption. It is recommended to drink fruit juice and eat iron-rich foods to restore hair growth.

There are also 3. Polycystic ovary syndrome.

Female pCOS is caused by high male hormones, and the patients have thinning hair, and symptoms will appear on the forehead and top of the head. This situation mostly occurs in patients with a family history of hair loss. If the patient loses hair on his head, the hair on their face and body will go crazy. Drugs that reduce male hormones and massage the blood circulation of the scalp all contribute to the regrowth of the patient's hair.

4. Thyroid disease.

Patients with hyperthyroidism first show hair loss. Too much or too little thyroid hormone will affect the metabolism and normal hair growth. Because all hair follicles are affected, hair loss is not localized. The use of drugs and other treatments can help alleviate the condition. In order to restore the hair as before, it is best to take in more protein and get a head massage every morning.

5. Stress syndrome.

Tense will cause Huafa's precocity. When stress is high, the human body releases a variety of hormones that will affect the absorption of B vitamins and affect hair pigmentation. Stress syndrome leads to hair loss, and the human immune system does not normally attack the scalp cells, causing widespread hair loss. Refreshing energy and taking a variety of vitamin B can improve the problem of early gray hair.

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